Double Tapp DIPA

The hops in this DIPA hit your palette like two to the chest. With over 32 pounds of hops per batch, the natural citrus components of the hops balance out the bitterness and alcohol bite. Not a beer for everyone, but a must for refined IPA drinkers. 9.5% ABV.

War Dog Brown Ale

Nothing beat the old reliable war dog. No fancy adjuncts here, just a clean easy drinker. 5% ABV.

Blackjack IPA

Slightly cloudy American IPA brewed with oranges and locally sourced honey. Starts with a touch of sweet orange and honey which compliments the hoppiness and finished with a clean hops and bitter orange flavor. 8.5% ABV.

Mk2 Pineapple Whit Biere

5% ABV.

Hellfire Helles

Crisp refreshing German counterpoint to the Czech pilsner, is perfect for the transition from the dark beers of winter to the light fruity beverages of Summer. 7% ABV.

Blue Falcon

Every soldier can tell stories about this beer's namesake, best done over one of these delicious blueberry porters. This dark porter is a beer first and foremost with hints of blueberry on the nose. 7.5% ABV.

Valhalla's Finest

This high octane imperial Stout has hints of chocolate and coffee throughout, with a subtle Bourbon finish. 14% ABV.

Ruck-Up Peach Kolsch

This delicious peach kolsch is the perfect summer beer. Crisp, clean, and refreshing with a hint of sweetness from the 42lbs of real peaches used to flavor it. 5% ABV.

Black Knight

This delicious Stout combined the maltiness of a stout with the richness of chocolate. Finishes with notes of cherry. 8% ABV.

Splashout Coffee Stout

Stout with coffee. Two of the best beverages in the world combined. No more excuses for not having a beer with breakfast. 8% ABV.

Deuces Wild

This doppelbock is brewed using old world German techniques. A crisp lager with both a caramel color and body. Hints of banana throughout, with a clean finish. 8% ABV.


You get the full effect of this red IPA, the 7.62 lives up to it's name. Enjoy the 7 different hops and 6 different grains infused in every sip. 7.62% ABV.